Learning Kanji

One of the biggest reasons why people stop/never start learning Japanese is kanji. These are the characters that were imported from Chinese, and there are about 2000-3000 that are commonly used in Japan. That number scares a lot of learners if your alphabet only has 26 letters, for example! I know I put off learning … Continue reading Learning Kanji

Speech Contest

The 3rd grade teacher at my school informed me a few weeks ago that there would be an English speech contest coming up in the Saitama area and that some students were interested in it. There were four students that wanted to enter but we could only send 2, so we had to narrow down … Continue reading Speech Contest

The Dog Whistle

While I was back home last year, one time there was a couple on the D train heading to the Bronx with me. They had apparently just bought a dog whistle and were checking it out. The guy (for some reason) decided to test out the whistle right then and there (I guess the instructions … Continue reading The Dog Whistle